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The Purple Pussycat

New bar to open below Mojo

If you've ever found yourself saying "There must be more to Manchester than the Northern Quarter", we've got a tip for you. If you head down past Deansgate until you're almost in the Spinningfields area, you'll come across Mojo. No surprise there, we hear you say - Mojo's already got a reputation as a bar many of us would walk across town for. But if you look to the right of the entrance to Mojo, you'll see the neon outline of a (potentially naked) lady. This is the sign of The Purple Pussycat, and this is the place that could cure you of the Northern Quarter blues.

Before you get alarmed, we're not suggesting that if the NQ bores you, your only hope is a strip joint. Diverting as strip joints can be, they're not everyone's cup of tea. No, despite the sexy lady signage, The Purple Pussycat isn't a strip joint at all - instead, it's going to be a sexy, funky and very individual little bar.

Owned by Ross Mackenzie (owner of One Central Street and partner at Sankeys) and Arthur Randall (the suavely named chap behind Romp), the bar is in the first stages of being built at the moment, so when we went to look around it was more building site than cool new drinking hole. However, we managed to sneak a look at the plans - and we've got to admit we're intrigued. The walls will be decorated with tattoo art, purple shagpile carpeting and rubber. There will be silver poles for people to dance around. Neon lights will be snaked around the place, covering everything with their seedy glow.

It will, in short, look something like a Soft Cell album cover crossed with a 1978 sex shop.

Thinking about it, though, we can see it being one of those places that take off. A maximum of 100 capacity will give it that exclusive air, while the decor will certainly stand out in an area that is quickly filling up with swish chains. And choosing to open on Bridge Street instead of f the Northern Quarter means they'll get the trendy crowd, without turning into another place full of losers who get nosebleeds when they leave the NQ.

The Purple Pussycat will open up in late October - we'll keep you posted.


26/04/2008 by Charlie Jones
went a few fridays ago to something called sound of music, i think. anyhow, place was packed buzzy and playing similar stuff to mojo upstairs so getting crossover crowd. appears to picked up from slow start but makes visiting that end of town much more appealing.
Rated 5 out of 5

26/03/2008 by Neil Jordan
Went midweek at about midnight... not recommended. Sparsely populated by small groups of Sergio Tacchini-wearing, lashed blokes. Music was uninspiring. It may be much better at weekends though, but I will need some convincing.
Rated 2 out of 5

22/10/2007 by Helen Morris
trust Ross!
Rated 5 out of 5

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The Purple Pussycat is going for the kitsch look...