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Roger Sanchez At Venus Preview

The S-Man Returns

Back in May we saw the closure of one of the city's main house music clubs. We were immediately wondering how that would affect the fabric of Manchester's nightlife scene. Where would the customers, the promoters and the DJ's from Sankeys, or that might ordinarily be booked to play there, go? While some would no doubt abscond to Ibiza or other foreign locations, some people would need to continue their work and leisure right here at home. So now Venus step in and up their Friday night game to bring us events that star some genuine A-list talent.

Venus has been a club that has thrived on producing and nurturing homegrown talent, championing a set of residents that the club's crowd have adored for years and working on events that have been promoted by an in-house team. Now promoters are looking at the club afresh and seeing that it's a venue they can work with, host parties in and entertain some new regulars, as well as introducing their own followers to a new building to dance in.

All clubs have to make a change or two if they're going to survive, and it's that evolution that keeps the club scene vibrant and on the extremely sharpened and slice-your-split-ends-off edge. As Venus promoter Ben Egerton puts it: "Venus is all about having a brilliant time, which is the foundation of what we do. What’s really exciting for me at the moment is we have got these great guests coming to Venus, especially Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry, who for us are a big step forward in our bookings."

Back in January, Roger S tweeted, "2013 is the year for REAL HOUSE MUSIC!! Jus sayin'". We attended his appearance at the aforementioned Sankeys back in August last year, and his set was very uplifting and energetic in an Ibiza electronica style. Quite different from the deep style that we have associated him with all the way back to his tracks on Strictly Rhythm records, through to his melodic and soulful remixes for Raw Stylus, Yazz, Incognito and the Brand New Heavies before getting really deep during his Galaxy Radio show days. So what are we to expect from him in 2013? Does his comment hint at a more US-influenced sound to his current sets?

We'll leave the man's recent set at the Miami Winter Music Conference to help answer that question for us, recorded live at Nikki Beach in March 2013.

  • Details:
  • Friday July 19th
  • Venus Presents Roger Sanchez
  • Chris J Frater
  • Ryan Stent
  • Dutch Rudder
  • Andy Clarke
  • 10pm – 5am

  • £17 advance, £20 OTD

You can still order tickets if you're quick at the Venus website.


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