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AD interviews Eddie Thoneick before his gig at Area51


Eddie Thoneick is a name that is identified with uplifting, high octane house music and he brings his energetic style to Area 51 on Saturday May 17th for an AfterDark Recommended event at the Whitworth Street venue. His remix work reads like a who’s-who of clubbing credibility, with artists such as Junior Jack, Fedde Le Grand, Roger Sanchez and Bob Sinclar having all secured his services.


We asked Eddie about what influences his music. He used Lolleata Holloway's 'Love Sensation' vocal on his track of the same name that he created with Kurd Maverick and has produced a cover version of Clivilles & Cole's 'Deeper Love', both apparently displaying a love of diva vocal house and disco tracks. "Well, as I’ve been collecting 70s & 80s classics over the past 16 years of course they have been influencing me in my musical education. I always felt connected to big diva vocals and these two singles were some of my faves from those days. That’s why I thought it might be a great opportunity to do my own interpretations. When I turned 12 I found a piano teacher that taught me jazz and blues and improvisations. So I think these are the roots that you can hear in my productions, mixed of course with the sound of today and the classic roots of house."

Aside from the urge to reinvent tracks from 10, 15 or 20 years ago for today's younger crowds, Eddie has his own criteria when approaching a remix of a new track for one of his contemporaries. It's refreshing to hear that unlike a lot of current DJs that think about electronica first and a human element a distant second, he places importance on the song. "I have to feel the track and it has to have that unique vibe. For me it makes no sense starting remixes without really feeling the vibe. As I love working with vocals, it’s always helpful when the track has a good hookline in it."

Eddie's latest track, and the first release on his own label Tonik Rcrdngs, is 'I Wanna Freak U', a track that reworks the vocal from the MK Dub of 'Freakin' U' by Jodeci. "House music always was and always will be based on reinventing and reproducing old tracks. If I do a cover version for example, it´s because the record has been an all time fave for me", Eddie explains. "Putting classics in a new unique suit is a big challange." His favourite all time track is one such classic put into a new suit, and an unusual, eyebrow raising one at that: Bruce Hornsby and The Range's 'The Way It Is' remixed by Brothers In Rhythm from a 1995 DMC remix disc.

The label launch isn't simply for Eddie's own benefit though. "I will be working with a close circle of friends with remixes & productions. To name a few it´s Kurd maverick, Dons, DJ Delicious, Laisback Luke, etc. that I want to work with. But all in all it’s a label that will be open for all varieties of quality house music." Debuting a solo single as the label's launch track certainly shows that he has faith in his marketing and talents.

With busy schedules behind both the mixing desk and the DJ booth, these must be exciting times for Eddie. "I get the satisfaction out of finishing a track in the studio and then see people get down to it in the clubs. The excitement is always before the gigs, not exactly knowing what will happen on that night. It´s the uniqueness of every gig that keeps me doing it." Eddie's pride at having achieved everything that he has so far shines through, and 10 years ago he didn't dare dream that he would be making music, playing it worldwide, starting his own label and working with people he respects and admires.


Eddie Thoneick is the headlining guest DJ at Saturday Sessions at Area51 on May 17th.


Words: Justin Richards



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