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Black Dog Ballroom part 2

The Black Dog eats the Dragonfly

In the latter quarter of 2011 we previewed a forthcoming club that was due to take up the space that was previously Pure Space and Sub Space, the three tiered complex on New Wakefield Street, close to The Font. That proposed venue was known as The Dragonfly Club, and it had various grand ambitions to be the next big VIP clubbing venue. You may remember, they promised "London-style bespoke clubbing", with world-class DJ talent (always a bit of a dodgy generalisation, considering that someone might put David Guetta under such a heading) and "elite clubbing for the beautiful inside and out". The concept never really emerged beyond some marketing and people getting false hope through some job interviews as bar staff. We quizzed Dragonfly about the opening, once they missed the advertised date, by leaving a message on their Facebook wall but got no response. Seems the project has disintegrated.

It's now emerged that the triple decker unit will become the city's second Black Dog Ballroom. The group's lead partners, Ross Mackenzie and Jobe Ferguson, have got a strong track record of delivering when they say they're working on a new bar/club concept (The Liars Club, One Central Street), so we've no doubt that this plan for the building will see fruition.

So, like many other venues before it, including Trof, Bar Med, Revolution, Bar 38, Slug and Lettuce and of course Kro, we'll see a successful bar launching a sibling in another quarter of the city, this time the Student Quarter/Oxford Road circuit. The launch is scheduled for May, with the basement that was Sub Space becoming Underdog, and maintaining the dancing shenanigans that the room was previously known for. The roof terrace will return, complete with a barbeque set-up which will no doubt get plenty of use if the weather from the latter part of March is anything to go by. Opening times will start at 10am for brunch and lunch with closing as late as 4am on nights to be announced. We're looking forward to this one, this side of Manchester was ready for something new!


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