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Rusholme Area Guide

The halfway point between University and Fallowfield, Rusholme is home to the famous Curry Mile - one entire mile of curry houses and takeaways. This is enough to make even the most morbidly obese person feel a little full. Famous for it's attempt to make Blackpool lights feel inadequate, this is a neon paradise and is probably the reason why we can't see any stars at night. But never mind, stars are overrated.

Rusholme is a cheerful, cheap and mildly exotic excursion. Containing some of the best Asian restaurants north of the Watford gap, this area of Manchester is usually crowded with students, korma loving couples and modified Vauxhall Corsas, pumping out the bass. Herein lies the beauty of the place though. It's a veritable mix of culture, delight and spicy food. Enjoy it - it's cheaper than a flight to India.


Hardy's Well

Adorned with the wise ramblings of poet Lemn Sissay, this is probably the best pub to be found in this part of Manchester. A mixture of friendly locals, mature students and people that can't play pool and should never be allowed near a cue make up this sparse, yet strangely homely, pub. The beer garden is quite nice too if you can catch it on a day when the heavens decide to give us a break from torrential rain.

257, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M14 5LN
0161 257 0450

The Clarence

A sign on the Clarence window reads 'Toilets are for customer use only'. This is really all you'd need to go into this pub for, so if you need a tinkle, hold it until you get back home. A drab, sinister and mildly scary establishment, you'd do well to give this place a miss. Although if you're fifty, crazy and like being drunk at half past twelve in the afternoon, you'll fit right in.

97 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5SU
0161 248 1910


The mega chain has set up shop just outside the fabled Curry Mile. It's quite a nice place, if a little soulless. There's a good choice of pub grub available and the service is swift and snappy. Perfect if you can't be bothered to buy microwavable pasta from the Tesco next door.

Unit 10, Wilmslow Park, Manchester M13 0JH
0161 248 9873

The Bowling Green

Just up from the local NHS hospital lies the Bowling Green. Despite the old-man-pub interior, this is a decent little place. The Sunday lunches here are top notch and the beer is cheap and flowing. They've recently been experimenting with a couple of gig nights, so come and catch Manchester's local acoustic guitar talent before they make it big.

3 Grafton Street, Longsight, Manchester M13
0161 273 1057

The Rampant Lion

Crammed with residents of the nearby university halls, this is a pub for all occasions. with a great atmosphere, friendly staff and cheap-ish beer. The quiz night is regarded as the best in Manchester, so get your thinking hat on, put your brainy mate on speed dial and try to think of a clever team name. If you can crowbar in a dirty word without getting kicked out, you'll have forever gained our respect.

17 Anson Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M14 5BZ
0161 248 0371


Al Bilal

One of the best restaurants on the mile. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is crackling and the staff are swift and cheery. The décor isn't fantastic, but it's a nice restaurant and well worth a visit if you're around this part of town.

87-89, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M14 5SU
0161 257 0006

Al Nawaz

Restaurant managers come in many different forms. Some like to sit in a dark room counting their money. Some like to whip the staff. Some, like the manager at Al Nawaz, like to pick up a pack of cards and perform magic tricks to the customers. Unlike that pervy clown you got for your seventh birthday party, this guy is pretty good – as, we're happy to report, is the food.

74 - 84 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5AL
0161 249 0044

Shere Khan

This smallish restaurant was one of the first establishments in Rusholme. Since it's early days, Shere Khan has grown to include a Shere Khan Express in Old Trafford and a restaurant in the Trafford Centre. You can even buy their sauces in Sainsburys. The original restaurant is still one of the finest curry houses on the neon strip. The food is expertly cooked and the décor is smart and savvy. The table cloths are also very pretty. 

Unit 1, Ifco Centre,52 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5TQ
0161 256 2624

Pink Garlic

Replacing the much loved Monsoon Nights, Pink Garlic is a newbie to the Rusholme circuit. It isn't exactly a curry house - it is a halal Chinese restaurant, which is a rarity indeed. There are two menus, one Chinese and one Indian, so there's plenty of choice and it's still a rather lovely restaurant inside. We recommend it thoroughly.

106-108 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5AJ
0161 224 6669

Lal Quila

More colourful than a cat trapped in a Dulex factory, Lal Quila has long been a firm favourite of Manchester After Dark. The food is of a different class, the staff are attentive and it's a cheap and cheerful dining experience. The chicken kormas are well worth a pop, as is the wide range of Asian beers.

123 - 127 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5AN
0161 224 9999




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