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Fallowfield and Withington Area Guide

The epicentre of Manchester's student population, this is the land of overzealous landlords, wide-eyed freshers and jaded third year medics. Fallowfield is student ground zero and chances are, you'll bump into a couple of them occasionally.

That's not to say there's nothing to love - this is a melting pot of student life.It's not aesthetically orgasmic (student ghettos rarely are) but it's a place with a laidback atmosphere complete with a plethora of great drinking establishments (despite Robinskis).

Also, Fallowfield offers plenty to enjoy for those who'd rather snuggle with a lion pride than dance to the latest happy hardcore remix. Coffee shops, open mic nights, restaurants and the occasional comedy club night mean you don't have to embrace the student stereotype of passing out in Platt Fields park.



A converted semi detached may not seem to be the best place for a bar, but Trof is one of the better bars in this part of town. A lifetime away from the teeth and tits of the nearby Scream pubs, this is a cosy bar that does a great line in credible DJ's and open mic nights (including the celebrated Verborate poetry night). Comfortable, cheap and cheery, it's often crowded on weeknights, so turn up early to guarantee yourself a seat. The food here is also worthy of mention and you'll see many a hungover soul tucking into an all day breakfast on a Sunday.

2a, Landcross Rd, M14 6NA
0161 224 0467

The Orange Grove

A student only bar, The Orange Grove is open until 2am most nights, so this is usually a good haunt if you've had a hard day sleeping or playing computer games and want to reward yourself with a pint. The music is a collection of cheesy hits past and present. We wouldn't mind this so much, but it's blasted out at volume level that would make Alice Cooper complain. Regularly show sporting events. Probably not curling.

304, Wilmslow Rd, Fallowfield, M14 6NL
0161 224 1148

The Queen of Hearts

If students have a bad reputation, it's because of places like this. A horrid wooden décor, a horrid collection of rugby shirt wearing wankers and a horrid atmosphere do not for a good time make. Unless you like wooden floors, rugby shirt wearing wankers and horrid atmospheres. Sadly, there are a lot of people that do, so unless this place gets taken out by a misplaced American tomahawk missile, it's probably going to remain open for some time yet.

256 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6LB


If vodka has lost its taste and you're tired of your double Malibu and coke, you'd be well advised to take a trip to Snook, possibly the only place in Fallowfield that dishes out properly made cocktails. Snook is a relaxed, sexy and altogether different class of bar. Their cocktails are artistic creations featuring huge chunks of fresh fruit, hundreds and thousands and, errm, glowsticks, which isn't that surprising when you learn that Snook is the latest project of the Socio Rehab guys. All that fresh fruit and gin doesn't come cheap though and you'd be wise to make a trip to the gold machine before you roll up.

317 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, M14 6NW
0161 248 0546

The Friendship Inn

When you've had your fill of Scream Bars and wannabe trendy hang-outs, there's nowhere better in Fallowfield than the Friendship Inn. Think old-man pub and you're pretty much there - there are plenty of ales and lagers to try, they show the football and there's a distinct lack of attitude. Nice one.

353 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 6XS
0161 224 5758



Tucked between a laundrette and a newsagents, you wouldn't think much of Kosmos if you were just wandering past. That's why people like us bother writing reviews at all. Stop walking past it and make a reservation immediately, because this unprepossessing Greek restaurant has been praised by everyone from the AA 500 Best Restaurants to Richard and Judy. The menu is authentic, extensive and exquisitely cooked, and with prices for the Mezethes (a banquet-esque set menu with three courses) at a very reasonable £18 you have no excuse for not trying it out. Go there now.

248 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, M14 6LD
0161 225 9106


Fuzion is a fairly new restaurant on the site of the old Primavera restaurant. We loved Primavera - the food wasn't that brilliant but it ticked every other box. Chianti bottles with candles in them? Check. Waiter whose thick Italian accent was replaced with his natural cockney when he dropped a dish of parmesan on the floor? Check. Chef who was about four foot eight? Check. But we digress. Fuzion serves, wait for it, Asian fusion, with noodles featuring heavily on the menu. It's very clean, very minimalist, very now. But is it a perfect setting for a sitcom, eh?

264 Wilmslow Rd, Fallowfield, M14 6LD
0871 2076590

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