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The classier part of Manchester, Deansgate is made up of three major components - expensive shops (from a massive House of Fraser to DKNY), pricy restaurants and bars, and banks. Deansgate itself is just one road, albeit a very long road, especially when you've had a couple, but the area around it stretches from Selfridges to Cross Street, Deansgate Locks to Granada Studios.

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Oxford Road

Stretching from the heart of the city and encompassing two university campuses, a whole load of bars and clubs, a host of theatres (and a couple of trees), Oxford Road is one of the liveliest and most varied parts of the city.

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Northern Quarter

Manchester's Northern Quarter has become the heartbeat of the city's music and independent fashion scene. The area boasts one of the most highly concentrated independent shopping experiences you will find anywhere in the world...

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Fallowfield and Withington

The epicentre of Manchester's student population, this is the land of overzealous landlords, wide-eyed freshers and jaded third year medics. Fallowfield is student ground zero and chances are, you'll bump into a couple of them occasionally.

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Let's get things straight: we love Chorlton. Its our back yard, we've lived all over Manchester and rate it as the best place to live and before all the Didsbury massive start coughing into their overpriced lattes, no we wouldn't rather live there because there's too many chains and not enough Mancs.

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Follow Wilmslow Road long enough and you'll hit the bright lights of suburban Didsbury. Didsbury is full of young, rich, beautiful people at various stages of their careers. People who might have just met and fallen in love, people trying for babies, people who... Hang on a minute, we hear you say. Isn't that just the premise of Cold Feet?

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The halfway point between University and Fallowfield, Rusholme is home to the famous Curry Mile - one entire mile of curry houses and takeaways. This is enough to make even the most morbidly obese person feel a little full. Famous for it's attempt to make Blackpool lights feel inadequate, this is a neon paradise...

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