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Pangea @ University of Manchester Student Union (UMSU)

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One of the best things about being a student is that you get to drink in the Students Union - nipping down for a cheap pint between lectures, being bound to see someone you know (normally because they were your 'best friend' for six minutes during Freshers Week, though you haven't spoken to them since) and getting absolutely wasted on less money than it costs to get a taxi to Didsbury. UMSU is a good example of all the things such a drinking establishment can be. It puts on huge events at the start and end of the year and there are all kinds of other things going on in between. It's a dive, but the beer is cheap, the food is cheap and if you're a student you already fit right in. However, if you're not a student and you continue to drink here, you're a bit weird.

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One-off events at the start and end of student term.


University of Manchester Students' Union Steve Biko Building Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PR




The venue on: 0161 275 2930