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02/12/2008 by Richard Brass
Not a bad venue, decent sound, some nice couches. Bit scuzzy in a good indie way. But ffs, no Bitter on draught, or in can, or in bottle!!! Absolute nightmare. Lets the venue down badly not having any beer. S'alright if you want lager, but this is an indie night and there's allus going to be some folk wanting a proper beer. Then to cap it off no blinking crisps. Not a single solitary bag and no nuts. Unbelievable!!! My tip, get yer hand stamped, nip out through that pissy alley into Oldham Street and yer right at Leo's Fish Bar. Grab yersen a buttie and get back to the music. Moho get yer beer and bar snacks sorted and you'll get a higher mark.
Rated 3 out of 5

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