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Manchester AfterDark

Civil Action Disco Club @ NQ Live

Our Civil Action Disco Club Review

The Civil Action Disco is a new venture for Manchester's friday night nocturnal creatures.
We asked the promoters for a snapshot of what its all about and here is their answer;

We believe in quality controlled music to make you dance, we want kisses and hugs and fancy footwork.

We aren't into all that nu-rave malarkey and we aren't into that handbag house scene either, we just want good people and we want to make love to their ears. It's often difficult to describe our musical spectrum without sounding like plonkers but here goes, electro, disco, funk punk, acid house, balearic, new wave plus a few other nuggets of excellence.

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Tibb Street M4 1SH




The venue on: 0161 834 8188