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Our Walkabout Inn Review

Cheesy tunes, and cheap hotel rooms ahoy. With no obvious link between the fact that you can have a place to stay for just over ?40, and the nightclub here is filled with 30-40yr old women who are 'up for it', I'll continue this review.

Firstly, Walkabout ain't that great. The tunes are 'party music' and the DJ is one of those annoying ones who talks over the best part of each song. The dancefloor is filled with tipsy women (good) and drunk scallies (bad), but this place tends to be trouble free.

The bar prices are reasonable, in a similar fashion to getting life imprisonment instead of the electric chair, and here comes the crunch: You have to pay to get in. It's not that much, just a couple of quid, but that thing gets my goat. There are hundreds of bars all over Manchester that are better, and absolutely free. And I'll be going to them next time, instead of Walkabout.

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13 Quay Street, M3 3HN


(0161) 817 4800