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A huge venue (actually one of the largest in the city) with a whopping 7 bars spread over 7 floors, Tiger Tiger is as well-known for its interior design as it is for its food menu and drinks selection. Half the fun of Tiger Tiger is exploring the many rooms - each fully themed - and generally everyone manages to find somewhere they feel comfortable.

The crowd is mixed at a weekend - a £5 entry tax is applicable after 10pm on a Friday and Saturday - with a few undesirables getting through the doors. A venue this big will always have to make the trade-off between making a profit and having the right clientele; however, to their credit, the atmosphere is always good. Weeknights are generally for the 'after-work' crowd, and there are normally drinks offers for those that arrive early.

Tiger Tiger is the first place outside London to install 'Lucky Voice' Karaoke Pods. After going down a storm in Soho, these sound-proofed, air-conditioned private pods are being trialed in Manchester before they are rolled out across the UK. Much as we hate bandwagons, we can understand the appeal of these pods - there are 6000 tunes to choose from, no one but your mates can hear you, and they come with table service. Naturally the pods don't come free, with prices for an hour falling anywhere between £10 for 6 of you between 12pm - 6pm on Mondays to £85 for 14 between 11pm - 3am on a Friday or Saturday. We can practically hear the hen parties clucking in excitement already.

Pods aside, Tiger Tiger is a fairly decent place to go. As you can probably read from the messages below, the main gripes that people have with this venue centre on the door policy. The decor and drinks prices are probably faultless, however some feel that they were let down by the bouncers. Having been in several times without problems, we can't comment on this - but as with many Mancunian clubs and bar, if you've made a bit of an effort and are with a sensible, mixed crowd you should be fine.

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