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Our TV21 Review

TV21 is the newest bar from two of the original founders of Fab, Steve and Paul Petricho. When relations soured between the brothers and their business partner, they took their popular formula of childhood memorabilia, sci-fi décor and dodgy mix-tapes and plonked it down in an all-new, super-shiny bar in the Northern Quarter.

When it opened, TV21 billed itself as a bar for people working in TV or film production. We don’t know about that but the bar does get its fair share of the Northern Quarter crowd. Though you will see people having a great night, you’ll also see plenty of trendy types with extravagant hair-do’s sipping their beers and congratulating themselves on how ironic they are. Fair enough if that’s your thing but, being used to the hedonistic it’s-naff-but-we-love-it vibe of Fab Café, it doesn’t seem that much fun to us.

Add to that a tendency towards poor service and warm beer and you’ve got a bit of a non-starter on your hands. With Fab Café still doing a roaring trade and plenty of other individual and cool bars in the Northern Quarter to choose from, TV21 doesn’t top our list.

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10, Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1DH


0161 839 5021