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Solomon Grundy

Our Solomon Grundy Review

Solomon Grundy is the kind of place that you could, potentially, stay in all day.
Here’s the plan.
Turn up at about eleven with a healthy selection of the day’s papers and settle yourself in the conservatory at the back of the café. Spend a couple of hours with the papers, a freshly squeezed orange juice and a bacon butty.
At about 1pm, call some friends and get them to come down and meet you for lunch. Spend a couple of hours swapping news over a sandwich and a pint or so.
Send them off at about 3pm, when you take your laptop out and start working on your dissertation / novel / presentation along with the students in the bar.
At about 6pm, pack everything away and move towards the middle of the bar, surrounding yourself with the buzz of the after-work crowd.
Order a pizza and listen to the live jazz band for the rest of the night.
Go home, congratulating yourself on the fact that not once have you been chivvied along, harassed by drunken idiots or ignored by the waiters.
Solomon Grundy is cool.

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447/449 Wilmslow Road, Withington M20 4AN


(0161) 374 5861