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Our Sofa Review

Situated right in the middle of student-town, Sofa is a relaxing place to sip coffee during the day (or maybe down a bottle of vodka, if you're an alcoholic tramp). Decent interior, that has been somewhat dictated by the strange internal layout, and bar staff that seem half-asleep, but do a good job of serving you your coffee (or vodka bottle). At night you get various deejays, usually locals who perform for their mates and lucky punters - the quality is sometimes questionable, but every so often you get a really talented wannabe.

Being situated so close to so many students, Sofa serves almost as a community centre, providing much needed substinance, as well as club tickets and a wall of posters so you can work out where to go next. Well loved, and deservedly so.

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236 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield M14 6LE


(0161) 248 4820