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Our Snook Review

Given how discreet Snook's sign is, you'd be forgiven for never paying it much attention - especially when there seems to be a 'Scream'ingly loud bar begging for your custom wherever you look. The Fallowfield bar scene isn't known for its understatement.

However, if you can manage to find it (it's where Something Bluu used to be), Snook is well worth exploring. It's a long, thin bar with a good number of comfortable little nooks to curl up in, and the dark wallpaper makes it seem like you're at the start of the night even if it's light outside.

Even though Snook is the newest venture of the Socio Rehab guys, we weren't expecting to find such a brilliant range of cocktails on offer. This is Fallowfield, after all - the land of pints and freshers who cry in the bathrooms. The best they've been able to do since Something Bluu closed is Revolution Fallowfield.

However, Snook has got it down. Creative, unusual new concoctions jostle for pride of place against a strong backbone of classic cocktails. Whatever you go for, you're likely to find it adorned with glow sticks, hundreds and thousands and enough fresh fruit to ward off scurvy.

The service is excellent (helped along by one of the best looking teams of barmen we've seen for a while) and the owners obviously take great pride in their bar. And so they should - Snook is already starting to win awards in the industry, and you can expect them to win a lot more of them over the next few years.

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317 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield M14 6NW