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Manchester AfterDark


Our Scubar Review

Scubar has taken on many forms over the past few years, so many so that we can't even begin to recall, or bore you, with the various incarnations. What has changed this time around is the general class of the place. Gone is the grunge student look, and in is the look that would befit a 'normal' bar. Despite this, drinks prices are low, the clientel is at the upper end of student society, and the bar staff are friendly and fun.

Seating outside is on plastic chairs, which is albold statement from the bar, clearly saying 'expensive seating equals expensive drinks'. We know exactly where they're coming from, so we're not going to complain.

The location is prime for studentville, but not exacltly perfect for everyone else, sitting squatly inbetween the universities and the start of the interesting part of Oxford Road. It's great as an early night warm up, although it does stay open late, and the cheap drinks will no doubt keep you there for longer than you intended.

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136 York Street, Manchester M1 7XN


(0161) 274 3189.