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Our Sankeys Review

Sankeys was voted in the Top Club in the World by DJ Magazine and the club owner’s response was typically bullish: ‘We want to build the best club in the universe.’ Cynics might suggest that deepest, darkest Ancoats is not the best location in the universe to try and achieve that but, to give the club its dues, it has become a key figure in Manchester’s illustrious music history and in terms of global profile, it is only currently matched by the likes of The Warehouse Project events.

So what makes a venue in the heart of dilapidated Manchester so special? Well, its legions of loyal supporters would point to the fact that the space is industrial, raw and underground. This may have been the case ten years ago, when it was the original home of Bugged Out!. But these days, following a revamp last summer) it is a much more welcoming place, with cleaner design, toilets that work and pretty lighting.

With an improved outdoor area out in the courtyard space, the club is well placed to be able to cope with the smoking ban and this, along with the single-minded zeal of the owner Dave Vincent, means that Sankeys will be a force to be reckoned with for some time yet.

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Beehive Mill, Radium Street M4 6JG