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Our Living Room Review

Despite the name, this is not somewhere to turn up to with jeans and a casual sweater. With a low-key presence on Deansgate, surrounded by mid-market Tapas Bars and a Wetherspoons, it would be easy to overlook this bar, yet anyone on the Manchester scene knows that this is the place to be.

Forget Deansgate Locks, and leave Reform for the over 50's - The Living Room is the definitive place for the 20-30 something crowd to hang out during the day, and late into the night. It has to be trendy when Beckham drinks here, and your Saturday night here is usually spent avoiding United players in the toilets. Drinks prices are much more down to earth, with friendly barmen who clearly know exactly what a bartender is supposed to do; pour drinks, offer banter, and to make you feel as sober as possible.

The atmosphere is actually very friendly, despite the fact that the crowd is seriously trendy, and there's a sprinkling of older faces. Despite plenty of stiff competition this is the hottest bar in Manchester, and it's held that crown for the past two years.

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80 Deansgate, M3 2ER


0161 927 5020