Manchester AfterDark

Manchester AfterDark


Our Lime Review

A perfect little bar, featuring more than its fair share of the colour green. Fantastic bar staff will provide you with a variety of drinks or cocktails, priced slightly above average, and you can mix and mingle in the bar area - or sit if you can find yourself a table. The ground level is shared between the bar and the restaurant, which itself has a public area in the almost 180degree glassy curve and a private room. Downstairs is a second bar, and a small club area, as well as the somewhat unique washrooms. The atmosphere during the week is quite laid back, whilst weekends are much more 'up for it' and in the partying mood. At the moment a casual door policy does tend to let in a few undesirables, but we expect this to change as word spreads about this venue - a fantastic place to stay for all of the night, as the club stays open till 2am, and highly recommended.

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2 Booth St., Manchester M2 4AT


(0161) 233 2929