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Our Kro2 Review

I like muffins. I like beer. Kro2 lets me buy both at the same time. Kro2 makes me happy. Homer Simpson lives on in a ManchesterAD review - and let's continue on that simplistic vibe by summing up Kro2 in the first paragraph - It's a fantastic bar. Since my teacher at 'bar review' school will probably be turning in his/her fictional grave, I should perhaps pad this text out with a few more details. As with all good reviews, and all reviews that attempt to be good, a brief history lesson is in order?

A short while ago, at a venue on Oxford Road, a small, welcoming, bar was formed. It's name was Kro, and it existed to fill the stomachs of local students and university professors with quality foods, and reasonably priced liquids. It quickly became popular, partly due to its location, and party due to the friendly vibe at the bar. Whilst most bars around the university catered to the lower end of the market, Kro was well designed and devoid of '2-for-1' drinks offers, so in many ways it was the beginning of the high-class student hangout that we can see examples of throughout the city (Font/Scubar). The owners obviously knew they were on to a good thing, and decided a second venue was needed - somewhere slightly closer to the city centre, but not so near that it turned it into a venue for beer boys and hen nights.

Their chosen location was the ground level of the National Computing Centre, as well as the basement beneath the venue, and Kro2 was opened in July 2002. Perhaps you're wondering what the bar is like? Glass fronted, from floor to ceiling, with capacity for around 200 on the upper floor. To the right of the venue is a courtyard, for summer drinking (winter drinking for the insane). Internally the venue reminds me of a gallery - white walls, blocky divides, and enough space to swing that commonwealth games mascot. Seating can be taken at large comfy sofas, or cafe style tables and chairs. Bar service is prompt when it's empty, and slower when it's busy - just like every other bar that exists, and the vibe is relaxing, but not boring. Food is served throughout the day and night, from either the kitchen or the small counter that serves up the muffins, cakes, and flapjacks. I've never cared for flapjacks though. Drinks prices are higher than average, however I know how much glass costs, and these guys must have run up a pretty big bill. You get what you pay for, and in this case it includes a pretty amazing interior. So stop whining! To conclude - Go Kro.

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