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Jam Street Cafe

Our Jam Street Cafe Review

Jam Street Café is cool. Sat at the bottom of Upper Chorlton Road, it is beloved by the arty types of Whalley Range for giving them somewhere bohemian to drink without having to trek into Chorlton. It also has a healthy following among the Chorlton massive, who end up there when they tire of the faux-cool of trendy bars like the Lead Station and Polar Bar.

Jam Street looks like a cross between a bar and a greasy spoon (which, apparently, it was in a past life). Outside, a pavement beer garden attracts smokers on rainy days and drinkers on sunny ones. People sat cross-legged on straw pouffes on the floor and the relaxed vibe gives the place an appealing festival vibe. Inside, the restaurant area is all about glowing wood tables and a natural look, while the cosy downstairs bar only has room for about twenty people.

What really warms our cockles about Jam Street is its ramshackle nature. Ok, so they have the same range of exotic beers and poncy bar snacks as you might find in Chorlton, but you get the feeling that everything about the place has been achieved on a wing and a prayer. For example, by night Jam Street is a restaurant but you only have a choice of two meals and they stop serving either at 9pm or when they run out of food.

Having said that, you'll rarely see a quiet night at Jam Street Café. It might not be as smooth as the bars down the road but it has plenty of character to make up for it. And judging by its popularity among the locals, character is what really counts in this neck of the woods.

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209 Upper Chorlton Road, Whalley Range