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Fat Cat Cafe Bar

Our Fat Cat Cafe Bar Review

A bit of a strange one this. Delicious food, and above-average drinks prices are a Deansgate Locks standard, but this bar has a ship-shaped upper deck, which lets you laze away your Sunday afternoon in style. A lower floor doubles as a dance-type-area whilst sofa's sit at the front of the bar, with a selection of daily papers. Truly a Jekyl and Hyde character, with a relaxing atmosphere during the day, and a funky up-for-it style in the evening. This was previously one of our favourites for their relaxed door policy, however recent visits have led to shrugs from the bouncers when I tried to visit with my three (male) friends. Worth a visit, if you can get in!

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Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St.West M1 5LH


(0161) 839 8243