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Our Fab Cafe Review

Fab Café is a wicked little venue. Ok, it might be a bit grubby round the edges. It can be a bit hit-or-miss in the music department too. But to grumble about these things is to miss the point completely.

Imagine a dark cave. Fill it with Daleks, Aliens and an ice-man. Line the walls with cabinets full of retro toys. Build a bar at the back and fill it with a passable selection of bottled beers, spirits and draught lagers (ignore the wine). Dot old arcade games like House of the Dead and Space Invaders around. Hang TV’s from the ceiling and show classics like Labyrinth or Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds. Fill the cave with everyone from the kids outside Afflecks Palace to accountants on their annual works ‘do’. Make them all dance to a mixture of the Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Harry Belafonte and the theme tune from the Littlest Hobo.

That’s the beauty of Fab. It’s impossible to take yourself seriously when you’re surrounded by so many ridiculous things - you can hardly try to look cool or go on the pull when you’re in a room full of toys and people dancing to the theme tune from the A-Team. This means that everyone leaves their egos and sophistication at the door and you end up having a blinding night as a result.

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111 Portland Street, M1 4RJ


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