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Our Corbieres Review

We remember first discovering Corbieres Wine Cavern. One of our friends had arranged to meet us in St Ann's Square after a hard day's work. She then led us up a sidestreet, to a fairly uninspiring looking doorway leading to a cellar. We squinted doubtfully at her and suggested going somewhere else.

We remember this particularly well because she rubs it in our faces whenever we suggest drinking there these days. To our surprise, Corbieres turned out to be a decent bar. The drinks selection is standard centre-of-town fare, with continental beers and passable wine on offer and a reasonably priced tapas selection does an admirable job of keeping the munchies at bay. However, what we really like about Corbieres is the jukebox. They don't call it 'the best jukebox in Manchester' for nothing.

There are a few odd touches – the lizard attached to the bar and the bumpy, curvy walls for a start - but in general it is a relaxing, chilled place for after work drinks during the week and a heaving, energetic start to a night out at the weekend. All in all, we'd have to say we're fans.

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2 Half Moon Street, off St Ann's Square, Manchester M1


0161 834 3381