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Our Aqua Review

Down the stairs you go, as you enter Aqua, barely a kidney-stones throw from Deansgate Locks, yet a world away. Gone are pretention, expensive designer clothes and drinks prices to match. This is a bar that stands true to Manchester heritage.

With a good sized dance floor and some funky tunes to boot, Aqua is one of the friendliest bars we know. The two bored bouncers on the door will agree to this, as they never seem to get any trouble, and the slightly older crowd are there to have a good time. The price of drinks usually varies, as the special offers change, but your round won't break the bank, and although the dance floor is pretty rammed, the rest of Aqua never gets too packed.

Behind the dancefloor lies a patio area where you can sit and drink, or stand by the canal and watch the world (and raw sewage) pass you by. Definitely the Manchester version of romance.

We head here often when we get sick of queuing at Deansgate Locks, and get a bit bored with the same 'ol. We recommend you do the same!

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Albion Wharf, Albion Street M25 1LN


(0161) 228 1800